About the Book

A groundbreaking look at the strange friendship between George
Whitefield and Benjamin Franklin, who together defined what it means
to be an American.

They were the most famous men in America. They came from separate
countries, followed different philosophies, and led dissimilar lives. But
they were fast friends. No two people did more to shape America in
the mid-1700s.

Benjamin Franklin was the American prototype: hard-working, inventive,
practical, funny, with humble manners and lofty dreams. George Whitefield
was the most popular preacher in an era of great piety, whose outdoor preaching
across the colonies was heard by thousands, all of whom were told, "You must be born again."
People became excited about God. They began reading the Bible and supporting charities. When
Whitefield died in 1770, on a preaching tour in Massachusetts, he had built a spiritual foundation for
a new nation—just as his surviving friend, Ben Franklin, had built its social foundation. Together these
two men helped establish a new nation founded on liberty. This is the story of their amazing friendship.


About the Author

Randy Petersen has written more than fifty books on subjects ranging from history to relationships, psychology, sports, and even word games. Formerly an editor and writer with Christian History magazine, he also prepares curriculum for small-group Bible studies. Apart from his writing, Randy teaches public speaking at a community college, preaches occasionally at his church, and directs in area theaters. He lives in the Philadelphia area.


The Printer and the Preacher examines the fascinating, unlikely friendship between Ben Franklin and George Whitefield, shedding light on the little-known relationship between these forefathers of the United States and how they both shaped the nation we know today. Through engaging and accessible prose, Petersen’s writing brings Ben and George to life and captivates the reader with this intriguing story.
Bill Curtis - Christian History Institute


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